The Children’s Center Utah is a center of excellence for evidence-based, trauma-informed mental health care, serving both the immediate needs of children from birth through six and their families as well as a training center for early childhood professionals of all backgrounds, leading the way to promote, prevent, and intervene early to improve the mental health outcomes for all Utahns.

We seek to partner with other expert institutions to create a continuum of care for children regardless of their ability to pay. We currently offer: 

  • Nationally Accredited Internships: We offer four one-year internships for doctoral candidates in psychology and two, nine-month internships for Master's of Social Work and Professional Counseling candidates. 
  • Opportunities for undergraduate students: Undergraduate interns can receive college credit for their internship work or volunteer for the learning experience.

  • Early Childhood Consultation and Training: In 2021-2022, the Early Childhood Consultation and Training Program supported 25 early childhood committees and Initiatives in 4 out of 6 state regions. 

  • Teleconsultation: The Teleconsultation Program (TCP) has been providing training webinars and direct consultation services to early childhood providers since January 2022. Our team provides over 100 hours of webinars and consultations every month to infant and early childhood providers from every single county across the state.


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