The Children’s Center hosts a highly regarded training program, providing interns with incredibly valuable experience in children’s mental health.

Psychology Internship

The Children's Center provides two one-year internships for doctoral candidates in psychology. Our program is ideal for students planning a career that focuses on early intervention, assessment, and treatment of children under age 7. Interns are an integral part of our clinical team and gain experience in assessment of children with emotional problems and children with autism. During the year students will learn evidence based practices for treatment of trauma and, by the conclusion of the internship be capable of diagnosing and treating most of the DSM disorders impacting young children. For additional information please contact the Training Director, Dr. McCall Lyon at . Click HERE for a copy of our internship training program. 

Master's of Social Work Field Practicum and Master's in Professional Counseling

The Children's Center provides two, nine-month internships for Master's of Social Work and Professional Counseling candidates. For additional information and an application packet, please contact the Training Director, Dr. McCall Lyon at

Undergraduate Students

The Children's Center has many opportunities for undergraduate students considering a career in psychology, psychiatry, education, social work, or counseling. Undergraduate interns can receive college credit for their internship work or can volunteer for the learning experience. We ask students to commit for one semester, or a summer term. For more information, please contact Leslie Durham at .