IECMH Training Webinars

If you are a parent seeking services for your child, we invite you to visit our services for more information. The information below is for early childhood providers.

The Children’s Center is now offering webinars focused on Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) topics.  These webinars are offered at no cost to providers seeking to learn about IECMH. Most of the topics are broadly focused and appropriate for any providers who work with young children, including teachers, healthcare professionals, mental health clinicians, early interventionists, etc.  If a topic has a more narrow target audience (e.g., child care) it will be identified as part of the registration process.  This website will be updated monthly with new webinar offerings so check back often for current information.

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To sign up for a webinar, click on the associated link:

Attachment and Home Education

June 15 2:00 PM: Click here to register.


Screening for Trauma in Young Children

June 16 2:00 PM: Click here to register.


Enhancing Attachment in the Caregiver Child Relationship

June 18 8:30 AM: Click here to register.  


Traumatic Grief during Covid

June 18 12:00 PM: Click here to register. 


Parenting in the Pandemic 

June 25 10:00 AM: Click here to register.


Autism 101: Basics for the Non-mental Health Provider

June 25 1:00 PM: Click here to register.


Trauma-Informed Care for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

June 28 12:00 PM: Click here to register.


Supporting Staff Who Serve Children: Avoiding "Burnout"

June 28 1:00 PM: Click here to register.