May 28, 2020

Telehealth at The Children's Center

Our clinical team has been working around the clock since we were forced to close our doors due to Covid-19 on March 16. After a quick pivot, our incredible clinical team adapted to a telehealth system so they could ensure continuity and access to services for those seeking support in this extraordinary time of crisis.

All of our therapists are still working from home and “seeing” their clients via the telehealth platform. Some of our therapists have even reported that the ease of therapy by phone – as opposed to bringing several children into the office – and the ability to implement advice in real time in the context of their homes, has in some cases increased the effectiveness of therapy.

We are so grateful for their incredible leadership, their ability to adapt in such uncertain times and their compassionate care of the children and families who critically need mental health services now more than ever.

We are working to gradually and safely re-open the Therapeutic Preschool starting Monday, June 1. While all children may experience temporary increases in distress due to the COVID-19 situation, those with pre-existing mental health challenges – like those currently in our care – are particularly vulnerable to worsening or long-lasting health concerns. We anticipate an increased need for early childhood mental health care as a result of the pandemic. Philanthropic support is critically important to our ability to serve every child and family in need.