Assessment and Evaluation

Help begins with the first call to The Children’s Center. One of our clinicians will talk to you about your concerns and explain our assessment process. Each family presents with different problems and concerns. A Mental Health Assessment is provided to make sure we understand your unique circumstances and create a treatment plan that fits your family’s needs.

First Visit

During your first visit with us, your child will be provided a mental health assessment. This means you and your child will meet with a trained professional who will take a developmental history, discuss your child's problems and make recommendations. You will be asked to complete a number of assessment tools that help us better understand your child's and your family's problems and needs. This mental health assessment is the starting place for good treatment.

In-Depth Evaluation

At times, we may feel that more testing is needed to clarify your child's situation. One of our licensed psychologists will conduct an evaluation that includes:

  • A more detailed interview about your child's early years and current behaviorsRecommendations for additional testing.
  • At the conclusion of the evaluation, we will meet with you to discuss the results. We will explain your child's diagnosis and create a treatment plan to help get your child back on track.
  • While an assessment and evaluation may sound like a lot of meetings and tests, they are nothing to worry about! From your child's point of view, they're just a series of fun games and questions and will go a long way to help him or her on the path to a healthier and happier childhood.