Clinical Services

We Specialize in Healing

The Children’s Center’s team of compassionate, professional clinicians provides evidence-based treatments that are proven to be effective in helping families with young children. Over 2,000 children every year receive the help that they need to improve their ability to manage their feelings, learn to play, make friends, and succeed in school and at home.

  • Assessment and Evaluation
    Help begins with the first call to The Children’s Center Utah. An intake specialist will talk to you about your concerns and explain our assessment process. Each family presents with different problems and concerns. A Mental Health Assessment is provided to make sure we understand your unique circumstances and create a treatment plan that fits your family’s needs.

  • Child and Family Therapy

    A young child's behavior and emotional problems impact the entire family. Our therapy addresses not only the child’s concerns but works to help parents, caregivers, and siblings; all of whom are impacted by a child who is struggling. Working together with all of the family members we are able to successfully help everyone in the family begin to feel better.

  • Therapeutic Preschool

    When children struggle to succeed in a childcare or preschool, our unique Therapeutic Preschool Program provides intensive daily treatment for the child. Children learn to listen to adults, manage their emotions, play with peers, and gain the skills they need to succeed in school.