Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old are the kids?

A: Our clinical staff provides therapy for young children from infancy to age 8. In our Therapeutic Preschool, we have children aged 2 to 5.

Q: Why are children referred to the Therapeutic Preschool?

A: The child's therapist believes the child will benefit from additional hours of group therapy. The child will have specific behavioral goals that he or she will be supported in achieving in the Therapeutic Preschool. The child and his or her family will continue to receive individual therapy.

Q: What kinds of problems do the children in the preschool have?

A: We have children who are autistic, hyperactive, depressed, or aggressive. Some children have been traumatized by domestic violence, abuse and/or neglect, are refugees from war-torn countries, have parents who are in the military and have returned with PTSD, or have other emotional or behavioral problems that require our help.

Q: How do children receive treatment at The Children's Center Utah?

A: Children are referred by many different sources. Sometimes parents will take their child to a well-child check-up and tell the pediatrician they are struggling with a child's behavior and the doctor will tell them to call us for an evaluation. Preschools, family and friends, social service agencies, and even our Facebook page can prompt families to call for help.

When they do, these families will be asked a few questions to make sure we are the right place for them. The receptionist will set up an intake interview with one of our therapists, who will then outline a preliminary treatment plan that may or may not include the Therapeutic Preschool. We have a sliding fee scale to accommodate families without insurance, Medicaid, or sufficient resources.

Q: How is The Children's Center Utah funded?

A: Our Development Department leaves no stone unturned when it comes to raising money to fund our numerous programs and services. We are a United Way Agency; we hold fund-raising events and have an annual fund drive. We also write grant requests to foundations and receive some state and federal funding.

Q: What if I have a vacation planned or come down with a cold?

A: Contact the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible. Sometimes she can find a substitute, but if not, she will at least let the children know. They really look forward to seeing you!

Q: Do you stay open all year?

A: Yes. We close for major holidays, but we are open on weekdays all year.

Q: What do volunteers wear?

A: Wear your play clothes, such as jeans and t-shirts. We get messy sometimes. We do ask that you dress modestly, though. Low-cut shirts and short shorts are not appropriate.

Q: Can I use this experience on my resume?

A: Absolutely! We keep track of all our volunteers' hours, so we can confirm that you have given of your time here when you are applying for scholarships, jobs, or admission to schools.

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