Integrated Autism Program

Our unique social skills programs and PLAY2Learn groups give children and families the support they need to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder communicate their needs and learn to make friends. Families can also receive critically needed support from our clinical staff to manage challenging behaviors at home.

We offer the following services for autism treatment:

Social Skills Groups

The social skills groups being offered by Lori Krasny, M.S., CCC-SLP are therapeutic group interventions designed for young school age children (approximately 4-9 years old). These groups are intended for children with autism spectrum disorders and social communication difficulties who would benefit from learning and practicing social skills and interpersonal interaction with peers. Children are grouped by social, developmental and language interaction abilities. Within these groups, the goals are to promote genuine and positive peer experiences, create a sense of belonging and friendship, and develop skills to promote these interactions. This is best achieved when developmentally, the children enrolled have an interest in engaging with others, are able to self-regulate in a group setting, and can participate in group interactions, with support, for at least one hour. Group sessions are offered from October –April for a 25-week session, and in June – July for a 7-week session.

To participate, contact Lori Krasny at 801-578-2332 or .

PLAY2Learn Groups

In addition to running the Social Skills groups, Lori Krasny, M.S., has developed the PLAY2Learn program – adapted from the P.L.A.Y. Project™ in Ann Arbor, MI.

The PLAY2Learn groups are comprised of up to 4 families, meeting for 2 1/2 hours per week for 10 weeks. The purpose of the group is to provide families with an intensive course and guided practice using DIR®/Floortime. Parents leave with an understanding of how to implement Floortime with their child. Floortime utilizes a child's natural interests, individual preferences and daily play interactions to help parents make all interactions with their child more engaging and fun. Ultimately, this intervention helps the child develop social, emotional and language skills necessary for learning and interacting with others. These sessions include observation, modeling, discussion, video review, and weekly practice activities. Regular attendance and practice between sessions is required. Groups are offered regularly throughout the year.

To participate, contact Lori Krasny at 801-578-2332 or .

Parents enrolled in our autism programs consistently report improved caregiver and child interaction, social interaction and enjoyment, and social-emotional development.

If you have received a diagnosis, or would like your child evaluated, please contact The Children’s Center today.