Trauma Treatment

It is devastating as a parent to know or suspect your child may be a victim of trauma. The Children’s Center is here to help families heal. Our clinicians are leaders in the field of trauma treatment for young children, and we work closely with each family to ensure the highest levels of care.

Young children who are exposed to traumatic events require specialized treatment in order to heal.  If your child has witnessed violence in the home or your community, bullying, physical or sexual abuse, or experienced the traumatic loss of a caregiver we are here to help.

Our clinical team has received specialized training that allows us to provide evidence based trauma treatment that will benefit your child and your family.  “Evidence Based” means that research has proven that the treatment will help your child heal.

During your first visit to The Children’s Center all parents and caregivers are asked to complete a traumatic events checklist.  This will help your clinician carefully evaluate the impact of any exposure to trauma that may have impacted your child or your family. This also helps us evaluate the difference between behavior problems and trauma symptoms.  At the end of your assessment your clinician will carefully explain the results and, if appropriate, recommend a trauma treatment that will you're your child and your family’s needs. 

If you are worried that your child may have been exposed to a traumatic event, please contact The Children’s Center so that we can help your family begin the healing process.

Children in our trauma program experienced an average of three separate traumatic events before age five.