Bridging the Gap Annual Conference

A Forum for Developmental Research

Research in the field of developmental psychology continues to revolutionize views on care giving relationships early in life and their significance for healthy development. This research is directly relevant to clinicians who find it increasingly difficult to find avenues where developmental research is presented in ways that can be easily translated to clinical practice. Our annual "Bridging the Gap" conference has provided such an avenue since 1999. We continue to invite internationally respected experts to present provocative research that will generate new excitement in the clinical arena and yield creative discussions about how to apply the information to clinical practice.

2018 Conference

The 2018 Bridging the Gap Conference took place on Thursday and Friday, February 8 and 9 at the Salt Lake City Downtown Library. 

Presenter Materials

Marin Bakermans-Kranenburg, Ph.D.
Handgrip Force of Maltreating Mothers in Reaction to Infant Signals
Pairing Attachment Theory and Social Learning Theory in Video-Feedback Intervention to Promote Positive Parenting

Elizabeth Conradt, Ph.D.
Using Principles of Behavioral Epigenetics to Advance Research on Early-Life Stress

David Oppenheim, Ph.D.
Parents' Insightfulness Regarding Their Young Children's Internal Worlds
The Importance of Keeping the Inner World of the Child in Mind for Parenting Plan Evaluations 

Sarah Watamura, Ph.D.
Two Open Windows: Infant And Parent Neurobiologic Change
The Public Health Burden of Early Adversity

Watch the conference on DVD!

Previous "Bridging the Gap" conferences are available on DVD and can be borrowed from our lending library.