Board of Directors

  • Kathleen Pitcher Tobey

    Kathleen Pitcher Tobey

    Community Advocate

  • David Baldridge

    David Baldridge

    Past Chair
    Chief Operations Officer, CHG Healthcare

  • George Hofmann

    George Hofmann

    Finance Director, Sparrow Electric

  • Jenn Barlow

    Jenn Barlow

    President, Barlow Corporation and Dale Corporation, Vice President, Service Mortgage Corporation and Service Credit Corporation, Vice President and COO Barlow-Lewinsville, LLC

  • Mark Cotter

    Mark Cotter

    Ex Officio
    Shareholder, Ray Quinney & Nebeker

  • Jen Dailey-Provost

    Jen Dailey-Provost

    Representative, House District 24, Utah House of Representatives

  • Rebecca J. Dutson

    Rebecca J. Dutson

    Ex Officio
    President and CEO, The Children's Center Utah

  • David Engel

    David Engel

    President and CEO, CCI Mechanical, Inc.


  • Christian Gardner

    Christian Gardner

    President and CEO of Gardner Company

  • Jin Zhou Gibbons

    Jin Zhou Gibbons

    Product Implementation Manager, Zions Bank

  • Michael Gill

    Michael Gill

    Director, Engineering and Product Management, Dominion Energy

  • Paula Green Johnson

    Paula Green Johnson

    Community Advocate 

  • Jon Lee

    Jon Lee

    Vice Chair
    Chief Operations Officer, Universal Synaptics Corporation

  • Theresa Martinez

    Theresa Martinez

    Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Utah 

  • Kara Rogers

    Kara Rogers

    Director and Assistant Corporate Controller, Instructure

  • Ashley Rothwell-Campagna

    Ashley Rothwell-Campagna

    Owner, Meridian Commerce

  • Kameron Savage

    Kameron Savage

    Vice President and Credit Manager, Capital Premium Financing

  • Greg Summerhays

    Greg Summerhays

    Real Estate Agent, Chapman Richards

  • Adria Swindle

    Adria Swindle

    Owner, Shred415 Millcreek

  • Jared Turner

    Jared Turner

    CEO, Amare Global

  • Nikki Walker

    Nikki Walker

    Director of Brand Experience and Community Engagement, DOMO

  • Katy Welkie

    Katy Welkie

    Chief Executive Officer, Primary Children’s Hospital 

  • Ze Min Xiao

    Ze Min Xiao

    Director, Center for Economic Opportunity and Belonging, EDCUtah