The Children’s Center Utah Celebrates World Health Day with a Focus on Mental Health for Young Children - (The Daily Dish) – Utah is celebrating World Health Day with a focus on the theme “health for all,” and one local organization that is working hard to promote this message is the Children’s Center Utah.

The Children’s Center Utah provides mental health care and treatment for very young children, their families, and caregivers. The President and CEO of the Children’s Center Utah, Rebecca Dutson, shared the importance of mental health for young children and how parents and caregivers can support their emotional well-being.

Dutson emphasized that mental health is part of our overall health, and it is essential to strengthen the emotional well-being of children in our lives. Surprisingly, children between the ages of 0 to 8 can experience mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges. It is crucial to talk about mental health and support children’s emotional strength from a young age.

The Children’s Center Utah believes that all children and their families should have access to mental health treatment. Dutson also highlighted the current mental health crisis and how the pandemic has added some challenges for very young children and adults alike. Parents need to be open in their communication with their children, watch for changes in their behavior, and show them love and support no matter the circumstances.

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