Utah is among a group of states with the highest prevalence of youth mental health disorders

Utah is among a group of states with the highest prevalence of youth mental health disorders

(The Daily Dish) There is an importance of adults who interact regularly with children on a professional level to be properly trained and today we have Rebecca Dutson, president and CEO of The Children’s Center of Utah with us to talk about a grant they’ve received and the importance of mental health needs in adolescents.

They need to have a strong awareness and the ability to properly address scenarios where children’s mental health issues may arise. The Children’s Center of Utah was given a grant from the state to fund and promote its teleconsultation program.

In 2020, The Children’s Center of Utah commissioned a study by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute and in that study the National research shows Utah is among a group of states with the highest prevalence of child and adolescent mental health disorders, and the highest prevalence of youth with untreated mental health needs.

Availability of mental health programs vary across the state. Urban areas tend to have far fewer programs per 1,000 children ages 0‒8, with populous Davis and Utah counties in the lowest range. Salt Lake County falls into a mid-range despite having almost six times as many programs as any other county.

In contrast, rural counties have higher density due to a low number of children, but some children’s needs may not be met by the few available programs, especially children needing intensive mental health services and licensed mental health providers comfortable treating younger children.

Luckily, the grant that The Children’s Center of Utah received, it means that they have more options available to help more children!

A few of the options available are:

  • Training Webinars:
    • Formal trainings on topics relevant to early childhood are offered at no cost to providers seeking to learn about Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health.
    • Office Hours:
      • Open opportunities for consultation, available to any Infant and Early Childhood provider. Providers may “drop in” to an Office and speak with a licensed mental health professional without requiring an advance appointment. 
    • Consultation:
      • Individual consultation services are offered at no cost to providers seeking support related to serving young children and their families. Areas available for consultation include Case Consultation, Provider Collaboration Support, Referral/Resource Coordination, Reflective Consultation, and Technical Assistance.

There is a lot that professionals can do to get involved and broaden their knowledge in early childhood mental health but there is also a lot that the general public can do to get educated and engaged with the cause by either volunteering or participating in fundraising events.

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Visit The Children’s Center of Utah website for more information.

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