Help available for stressed parents

KUTV, December 5, 2017

Police in Davis County have arrested a second father for beating his infant child to death this year.Police arrested 19-year-old Clearfield, Utah, father Clint Nokes Monday after his 7-week-old son was pronounced dead the morning before.The baby was taken to the hospital when he stopped breathing Saturday, then flown to Primary Children’s Hospital where he died from severe physical abuse. 

The tragic trend has healthcare professionals and law enforcement reminding new parents there are resources to help struggling families take care of new babies.Douglas Goldsmith, a child psychologist at The Children’s Center, said the first few months can be especially difficult on new parents. This is the time known as the “Purple Period.”“From basically two weeks to four months where babies will cry and cry and cry and there’s very little that we may or may not be able to do to calm them down, which compounds the frustration,” Goldsmith said. “Parents need to be honest and not frightened to say I’m really stressed. I can’t do this. I need a break.”

He said there are several state, county, community, and church resources to help parents in need.In emergencies, Goldsmith recommended reaching out to the Family Support Center for help taking care of kids 11-years-old and younger for a few hours. They provide crisis nurseries in three locations around the Salt Lake Valley.You can find them online at