May 7 declared as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Spencer Cox declared Saturday, May 7 to be Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day in Utah.

The month of May is recognized as National Mental Health Awareness Month. Cox’s declaration, which is in partnership with The Children’s Center Utah, will provide attention to the mental health of the youngest residents of Utah. 

Presently, mental health challenges of children are a serious concern in Utah, according to a press release from The Children’s Center Utah. In October 2021,medical experts declared children’s mental health as a national emergency. Additionally, the Surgeon General issued an advisory on the youth mental health crisis in December 2021. 

“As the aftermath of the past two years continues to unfold, we see the impact it has had on our children’s mental health. We hope that May 7 can be a day of thoughtful reflection where we each consider the mental well-being of our future generations and look to educate ourselves further on the subject,” said Rebecca Dutson, president and CEO of The Children’s Center Utah.

Click on the link below to read Gov. Cox’s official declaration.

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