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A guiding principle at The Children's Center is to put the child first and foremost in our work. Families who come to The Children's Center are met with a compassionate team of clinicians who have unparalleled training. We understand the challenges of raising a child who has behavioral or emotional problems.




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Therapeutic Preschool

Our Therapeutic Preschool is for children age two to six who are struggling with emotional or behavioral problems. Our staff members help children succeed in school and in their relationships with others.
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Integrated Autism Program

The Children's Center created our Integrated Autism Program to help the growing number of children with autism gain the skills they need to build friendships and interact successfully with others.
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Does My Child Need Treatment?

Parents often ask us to define a "normal" preschooler. All children occasionally exhibit difficult behaviors. We can determine if resolving these behaviors might require our help.
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How Do I Get Help?

It can be stressful for a parent or caregiver to realize their family needs help. Contacting us for assistance is simple and can make all the difference in your family's life.
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Additional Services

The Children's Center offers many services to help children and their families including family therapy, prescription management, and therapy for children who have experienced traumatic events.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our programs, the cost, expected outcomes, and staff member availability.
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Refer a Family

A clinical referral is not required for a child or family to receive services, but a referral can help us understand what the family might need.
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What to Do in a Crisis

If your child's behavior is threatening to cause harm to themselves or others, the circumstance might require immediate attention. This page will help guide parents or caregivers in these situations.
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